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Community Integration is key to our creed. We strive to build a space where everyone looks forward to joining our journey.

You, our Beasts, will actively be called upon to share ideas and contribute to our goals; molding our vision as one. Our community own Psycho Beasts. Will you join the asylum by your own accord, or will you be committed?

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First of all, we’re going to write this as a team; Definitely, Sidriel and Copper Kidd. All three of us has had a say and vote in how we proceed. Then came Aizen and made the team stronger, a piece we didn't know was missing and we became four.

We put this together because we see great growth potential on VeChain. We want to follow in the footsteps of the greats and exceed our own expectations.


Every detail of the Psycho Beasts project has been meticulously fine-tuned. Striking a balance between mainstream and the niche. We play on the nostalgia of our childhoods to bring you closer to each NFT, but really... we just want you to smile and enjoy the easter eggs. This is the first half of phase one, enjoy the ride.

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1. Utility and Value

Prime collection mint

The first drop from Psycho Beasts starring the animal race of Bos Taurus (Bulls). Consists of 5,000 NFTs with 12 iconic special and unique characters.

DAO Implementation

Immediately after the mint, the DAO wallet will be funded. The community will have the power to determine where this funds must be invested in order to make the project thrive even better.

Nemesis Collection Sneak Peak

Is it possible that the Bos Taurus are alone? We will see what awaits in the future of our before mentioned.

Bi-Weekly profit percentage redistribution

The founders decided that giving back is the most important thing. There will be a bi-weekly raffle among members in order to allocate a defined percentage of the royalties from secondary sales to one fortunate member.

Giving Back Initiative

The team is set to give a helping hand to a social service initiative that can aid whoever needs it the most. The focus will be mainly towards animals and we will be receiving suggestions.



2. Marketing and Bridging

Marketing and promotio

One of the crucial goals of every community is its expansion. Our environment needs more investors from other blockchains that bring value. Our goal is to bring in as many people from other blockchains as we can to massively increase members.

Website Development

After its public release, there is continuous improvement of the features provided initially. Website wallet link and gallery section development that will able a search for NFTs by traits.



3. Community Building

Live Broadcasting

Twitter spaces every week to update our holders in order to keep them in the loop with the latest and greatest information straight from the Beast's mouth.

Loyalty program

The team has something special in store for our diamond hand holders. Those who are faint of heart will not be able to unlock all the amazing perks the project has in store for them.

Surprise Care-Package Drop

The top 20 ranked NFTs will have a surprise upgrade. What will this be exactly? We are not going to disclose this yet, but those top holders have something extremely special coming to them.



4. Physical Assets


Hats? Shirts? Hoodies? It is obvious that our Psychos want to demonstrate with pride that they are part of the most insane community and we get it. We are analyzing the providers, art and logistics to make this dream a reality.

What is real? (Phygital Merch)

The icons are the banner of the collection, we believe they have to get some acknowledgement too, right? The first surprise for our icons will be a phygital drop of their glorious assets.



5. Metaverse

Multiverse Collaborations

If there are really multiverses, why can't there be one for NFTs? Can many projects coexist in this event? We will see...

Land Purchase (Decentraland, NFT World, Sandbox)

The Psychos need a place where they can roam free and let their craziest ideas turn to reality! The team immediately after mint will purchase a space in the Metaverse. Where specifically? The team and community will decide what is best when the moment comes.




Went from a PM and AM to full-time creative and crypto junkie. Working top-level at a $500+ company didn’t hurt.

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Went from a PM and AM to full-time creative and crypto junkie. Working top-level at a $500+ company didn’t hurt.

Went from a PM and AM to full-time creative and crypto junkie. Working top-level at a $500+ company didn’t hurt.



Serial Entrepenuer that started off as Ambassador but went full on Beast and joined the Founders team. Part-time whale.

Went from a PM and AM to full-time creative and crypto junkie. Working top-level at a $500+ company didn’t hurt.



Once legal muscle, fully committed to the crypto space since I can’t remember when! Banking way more than in the courts. Inveterate poker player.

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